Paul MacKay
Director of Photography

After a successful Focus Pulling career Paul began lighting fashion campaigns for Jack Wills and American Eagle. This helped to establish himself in the commercial world where he continues to enjoy fashion led beauty work and music videos. Always keen to develop new techniques and push into other genres Paul has shot several gritty projects originated on 35mm, a skill which he is passionate about maintaining a handle on.

Whether it’s a beautifully documented piece, a hard hitting narrative or a cool slant on a traditional theme, Paul has the experience to bring your project to life. He lives in London with his family.

Directors worked with: Elaine Constantine, Niklas Rissler, Filip Tellander, Aitor Throup, Craig Moore, Franck Trebillac, James Ranson, Gavin Howels, James Adamson, Phil Ball, David Scanlon, Rankin, Dean Freeman, Beverley Fortnum, Marc Reisbig, Yousef Eldin, Glashier, I Owe Youth, Erik White, Juan Cabral, Caroline Corben, X and Sasha Nathwani to name a few.